Loudoun Wineries Brace for Frost on Tuesday

This is why only the most passionate winemakers make wine in Virginia, you never know what you are going to get. With the recent bit of nice weather the vines are starting to come alive. They have been weeping for a while and some vineyards are even reporting bud break.

Now comes he weather report, with two chances for frost: Tuesday and Saturday. Frost at this stage could seriously damage the vines, a few years back Fabbioli Cellars lost their entire Cabernet Franc crop because of a late frost like this one.

Now, vineyards will be scrambling to build fires, bring in frost abating equipment and even renting helicopters. Though none of these things will help if the temperatures dip down to 22 degrees, as originally predicted. The good news is that the temperature is ticking up a bit, though not enough.

At this point all the winemakers can do is hope that the temperature continues to rise and prepare for a long and sleepless Tuesday night.

If you have a favorite winery in Virginia, stop by Wednesday with some coffee for everyone. They are gong to need it.