One In 10 Teenage Girls Referred To NHS Learning Disability Services In Past Year

According to the new statistics, one in ten teen girls in England have been referred to mental health and learning disability services. Well, around sixty-nine thousand sixteen and seventeen old girls received an open referral to National Health Service-funded autism, learning disabilities and secondary mental health during 2016-17. This figure from NHS Digital is the first time statistics that have been published on kids being referred to learning disabilities services.

Data further show that ten percent of girls aged fourteen and fifteen were also referred. So, in total one in twenty percent people in England was known to have used autism, learning disabilities, and secondary mental health services last year. You will be surprised to know that a spokesman from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children stated that several teenagers were still in a queue to access such services. A psychotherapist with the UK Council of Psychotherapy in London, Lindsay Percival said that this huge count of girls presenting with mental health issues is mainly due to the internet. She continued by saying that today, girls compare themselves to other girls, and they think that they lack behind when it comes to beauty.

In fact, there are also some other factors such as the increase in divorce rates, etc. Well, across all age groups, older people tend to be referred for specialist mental health service, but now, whatever the age is, people are suffering from mental health problems. There is no doubt that now; schools have the more stressful environment. In the present, school-age children have more pressure, and when students are unable to reach the pinnacle, they went into depression. For instance, you can take this quiz by and know in learn more about brain health and learning disabilities.

Well, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, have been asked to spot young users with unhealthy online behavior including staying online for long periods and on unsocial hours. The crucial thing is, in July ministers promised to increase the mental health workforce with twenty-one thousand extra posts to deal with demands. If you want to take more health-related or a myriad of other quizzes, then feel free to browse Health IQ.