Why Can’t Virginia Create a Virginia Wine License Plate?

Back in 2007 the Virginia Wine Industry

launched an effort

to get a customized Virginia Wine License plate. They could not get enough pre-purchases.  In 2011, the effort was


, again to no avail.

This effort was started up again last year, but fizzled out.  So, why can’t Virginia Wine lovers and industry members get organized to enough to create a custom license place?

For those that don’t know, Virginia has dozens of different types of

customized plates

 supporting everything from the Eastern Shore to Harley Davidson.  in order to create a customized plate, all you need is to get 350 people to pre-pay $25 for the plate and the State of Virginia will produce it.

Virginia currently has 270+ wineries, so just in winery owners there are almost enough people to cover the requirement for the custom tags, but it has been to no avail.  If you count all the people who work in the Virginia Wine Industry,

4700+ as of 2014

, there are 10 times the number of people required to pre-order the plates.  Heck, “Friends of Coal”has their own customized license plate and the Coal Industry only employees

3600+ people

in Virginia.

So, why can’t the Virginia Wine Industry, generate the type of interest needed to create a custom license plate?  People are passionate about wine, not just the winemakers and employees, but people all over Virginia love Virginia Wine.  So, why can’t they generate enough pre-orders?  I don’t have an answer, but I think it is worth discussing.