.WINE and .VIN Domains Available for Registration


about the potential creation of the .WINE and .VIN domains thought domain registry Donuts.  Well, you can officially register your own .wine and .vin domains through one of the

Donuts-affiliated Registrars


In fact, one at least one Virginia Winery is already on-board, Stephen Mackey at Notaviva Vineyards has already registered notaviva.wine and NotavivaVineyards.wine. I asked him why he did it so quickly:

It’s too soon to tell if having a .WINE Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) will actually boost your search engine rankings, as Google has indicated that the gTLD does not inform your score.  However, other studies from respected search engine experts do seem to indicate that having keyword-rich domain names does in fact boost your SEO scores.  Though the story still seems to be unfolding, it is Mesh Omnimedia’s recommendation that the potential benefits of making the minimal investment required to secure your .WINE gTLD far outweigh the potential risks of losing your brand name to a fan page or cybersquatter.  Once registered to someone else, it can cost thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, to re-purchase a domain name not including the legal fees incurred if the situation is centered around a trademark dispute.  As owners of the NOTAVIVA® trademark it was a no-brainer for us to secure Notaviva.wine and NotavivaVineyards.wine.

I also followed up with Jeff Davidoff, CMO of Donuts about going from the idea of .wine and .vin to the actual execution:

In June of 2014 Donuts announced the intention to offer .wine and .vin domains available for registration. In January of 2016 they are finally available.  What was the process to get from June to now?

Wine industry organizations previously expressed concern over protection of certain names at the second level (before the dot) and initiated a process with ICANN (the industry regulator) to address the concerns.  After cooperative consultation with Donuts, however, they withdrew from that process and we proceeded to launch .WINE and .VIN.

What do you see as the advantages for companies that register .wine or .vin domains over traditional .com domains?

Companies that register .wine or .vin domain names will stand out in a crowded field of wine brands and businesses because these names are more meaningful and memorable. They enable wine connoisseurs, and businesses that serve them, to build identities and vibrant communities for marketing, sale and education. Sherry.wine, Port.wine, Champagne.wine and Prosecco.wine are several examples.

The wine industry is not always known for being innovative when it comes to technology, how will you get word to technology-challenged winery owners and convince them to sign up?

With the Internet saturated with website URLs ending in .com and .net, it’s gotten very crowded. With hundreds of new “not-com” domains available, businesses entering the wine market have the opportunity to find the perfect website name for the brand. A ‘dot-wine’ domain name ending immediately tells the world you are in the wine businesses.

For those worried about security are the .wine and .vin domains DNSSEC enabled?

Yes, we support DNSSEC in all of our gTLDs, including .WINE and .VIN.